testing brown eyed squirrel


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Permalink: http://soundcloud.com/user751544935/    and she won't open, need more help please. susan.  so i can hear it on soundcloud but not hear, any suggestions, it is a public sharing.


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Sorry, I'm not clear on what you are asking. If it's for help using soundcloud, I'm sure that someone here can help. Several people use it (I don't so I can't help).
It appears though, that one of two things is happening here:
1) You didn't get the file uploaded correctly
2) you didn't copy the link location (URL) correctly.

I know that doesn't help much, but maybe retry uploading and capturing the link?  :-/


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Thanks for your suggestion Mike, some of the lads have said they could hear it (in my Recording forum post) I will be posting Big Big World in a couple of days so will give it another go, thanks for your time, susanmcgeeincalgary.