Tempo to learn Caged


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I know it was said in the course to practice at 60 BPM- but can't quite keep up- Is it best to just use slower tempo- I know Griff said it would do much good to practice it a a slower tempo? Ive been playing piano for over 50 years so Im not new at practice- but wasn't sure what was the best thing to do with this one?


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I've been taking a interest in caged so have recently watched the presentation video and I can see why your confused. Griff never actually says practice slow and build up to 60 bpm but I think this is what he must mean because he says when you can play it at 60bpm then you have got it down. If that's the end goal it can't be the starting point. When he says slower etc is no good he is referring to the end goal not actually practicing.
So I would practice slowly and build up to 60 bpm. Get to 60 and move on.


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Griff mentioned it wouldn't do any good to do these at slower tempos in his course-and he didn't say to start at a slower tempo and build up to 60bpm-so it was confusing/


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Sorry about that... always start slow and build up, knowing that 60bpm is your goal.


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And sometimes it is good to put the metronome at an unreasonable fast tempo - like 80 - so 60 seems easy after that!