Taking the Road...


NM Blues
Just finished this song today.


Walking down this lonely old road.

Not really sure which way to go.

It is getting dark and very cold.

But as the sun came up it started to warm.

Sat by the river to gather my thoughts.

But have no intentions of turning back.

Met many fine people taking this path.

They live in the moment and not the past.

The moon still rises, and the sun still sets

So, it is time to move forward to see the rest.

This road has taken so many turns it is hard to know what's around the bend.

The clouds began rolling in and the rains started coming down.

Not really caring about getting wet.

Trying to live in the moment and not the past.

The journey continues but will save the best.

Stay tuned you and you will hear the rest.

Many fine people have taken this road.

But most of their stories have been untold.



Student Of The Blues
Steve you are writing some good stuff..(y)(y)(y) Where are you getting all this time to write song? The Boyz will get jealous and chew up your
WIFI cord.


NM Blues
Thank you for your thoughts, Davey. I had never written a poem in my life, or anything closely related. I am only trying to get some of my thoughts down on paper. The easy way out is to make things rhyme. I really need to be more creative and step out of that box. One of the main goals on this last song was to never use the word I. That was a challenge, but I think that we got 'er done...