Solo #4 in B Minor


Blues Newbie
Here is solo #4 in B minor.

I've been working on this one since March and really thought I was going to forget about this one and move on. It was killing me. It's way too fast and I couldn't connect with the jam track for some reason.

One day I was looking around in Griff's Ultimate Blues Jams and noticed the track "Gone For Good" in B minor so I tried it and I thought it sounded pretty good. Let me know what you think.

It's about 85% speed of this track and still needs some touching up but I need to move on.

Thanks for listening.


Blues Doobie
I'm not sure I got Solo 4 from it but loved the tone and laid back style.  I always enjoy your recordings.

Scratch what I said. I was thinking of the wrong Solo 4.  I don't know the one from SWS so all I can say is very nice playing!


Playin' for the fun of it.
Well Griff encourages us to pick and mix and make our own pieces and those two parts worked well for me, well done. Thought it was a good un.  :cool: