Shodai Lesson 1


Blues Junior
Well, here we are. This year I have started at Lesson 1 and vow to complete the full course. I have a study buddy to keep me on track, and we completed and recorded Lesson 1 yesterday. Almost ready with lesson 2, but the change from the V to the I going from the "and" of the swung 4 to the 1 is a pretty quick change and still giving me a devil of a time. All the other changes are there, just need to nail that ending.

This week we'll be working to get Lesson 2 right, and we're starting on Lesson 3.

So... here it is, my rendition of BGU 2.0 Lesson 1:

Shodai Lesson 1

It has become clear to me that we are all gear guys, so to that end... This recording was done using a 1985 Fender Contemporary Standard (MIJ) Stratocaster directly into a Tascam 2488. No amps, no pedals.