Sounded great to me bluesmadd, well done. I haven't done any SBS lessons but listening to your solo inspires me to do so. I just have to get through BGU again first.


Funk the Blues
johnc, if you like soloing above all, then going to SBS (or the MajorMinor Course) is a good next step (plus there's an 'aha' moment in the course (won't spoil it for you). I went for the BGIAB2, did the first song, but realized my heart was more in learning these types of solos (slow blues). I will be back at BGIAB2 soon, it's a good course, but different. And there are some tough solos in there, but you are learning a 100+ bar song. That'd take me forever to memorize, so I didn't see it as effective for the learning curve at this point. But it's good if you want to play entire songs and feel like part of a band including vocals.


Thanks for your insight and advise regarding SBS.
I have suffered considerable memory loss due to having had several general anesthesia surgeries the past 3 years. This being over and above a not so great memory to start with. So I have struggled to play anything I have ever played before, even things I have played hundreds of times, so I just became too frustrated to even pick up my guitar.

I am just now having a bit of a 6 month break from the hospital, getting a little memory back and trying to go through BGU again to see if I can do it. I am concentrating mainly on the solos but also wish to revisit the rhythm lessons as well so picking the eyes out of it at the moment going back and forth.
Have roughly got through the first 3 solos but need to revise them every day to try and keep them and currently having a go at Solo 4 in BGU which although I know I have been through it before, not brilliantly mind you but I have previously learnt it. Now it feels foreign and learning it over again.
I am making progress and will get through it though and then try and also relearn BGU 5 & 6.

Then I will see how I go and start start on SBS per your valued advice. Will be a little down the track as I am not too fast at getting these under my fingers but I will try and remember to share my progress when I get there.


Guitar Geezer
johnc - are you planning on performing these solos in front of a large audience? Not many of us are, you know.
Look at a picture of any symphony orchestra. What does every player have in front of them?
Ya, it's a thing called a music stand, and on it is - the music they are playing. These pros do not rely on memorizing the music.
Sure, the pieces are longer and maybe more complex, but....... there is no shame in playing from the music if you have issues memorizing, or even if you don't!
I am seeing more and more performing musicians with music stands or performing aids of various kinds in front of them these days.
Don't let that be a mental hang up or impediment to your playing. Just do whatever you need to do to play the music!!!
You don't need to have a piece memorized to continue on to another piece.


Hello Tom,
Thanks for your encouragement. Yes it has been necessary for me even in the past to have my charts nearby at times and I was OK with that for live performances. Didn't have to have my face glued to it or anything, just a security blanket most of the time.

But now it is different because I can't even remember names of songs or who wrote or originally performed them in many cases. Memory is very scattered and random. For example only a couple of weeks back a song just came to me or just a lick to start with and before long I was playing the whole thing on guitar and felt so familiar but I couldn't for the life of me think of the name of the song or who it was by. It took me a couple of days to eventually work it out and now sitting here I can't remember what it was at all.

But anyway you are spot on with the need for me to make sure I have my charts and notes with me if I ever have the opportunity to play out again.