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I have many of Griff's lessons, but I am curious about which ones would be best to concentrate on playing Rhythm guitar.


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I think it depends on your goals. If you want to improve your rhythm playing by yourself then definitely Strumming and Rhythm Mastery. If you want to improve on being a rhythm guitarist in a blues band then I would recommend going through the rhythm chapters of Blues Guitar Unleashed and/or 5 Easy Blues Songs. If you want to improve on being a rhythm guitar player in a rock/classic rock band, then I would check out the rhythm chapters of Classic Rock Unleashed.


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I’ll add “How To Build Blues Songs”, which is basically an encyclopedia of rhythm figures for comping, to the list.

As well as the “Rhythm Figures” course itself which although it stresses lead playing would also apply to playing chords (or any other instrument).

Rhythm is fundamental regardless. :cool:
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