Proprioception and playing in position

Mike G

Blues Newbie
I am just starting with this and I have had the course for a little more than a week. I had watched some other videos regarding playing in position and proprioception. I have been trying to play without looking at either hand or by looking as little as possible. I wonder if that is a bit much to try right now, or if I should be doing this from the beginning. I do find it quite challenging. At times I have success. I am still on the first two licks.

david moon

Attempting the Blues
For the right hand, it is pretty much in a fixed position. You may want to look to see if you are holding the hand in the position some lesson suggests.

For the left hand, I would say don't be afraid to look. Down the road you might want to work on playing some licks without looking but I don't think that's your major goal at this point. Get the licks under your fingers (by looking) and then try not looking.