Please name the files consistently


Student Of The Blues
I love the digital delivery option, no delay and I use a tablet for almost everything so I wouldldn't knwo what to do with a physical DVD.
This is not the first course I download that has this annoying flaw: the files are not named consistently for the digital download, so they are not properly sorted in Internet explorer or played in order by my media software.

for example you have the file BBBS-Examples-1-10-and-1-11.mp4 but hte next one is named Examples-1-12-and-1-13.mp4 without the BBBS part

It's not hard to fix, but it would make everything so much easier to keep together! I'm pretty sure the original BGU suffered frm similar problems, don;t know if BGU 2.0 does also, I haven't worked on it in a while.