Lesson 11 minor blues.


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I learnt this lesson around 12 weeks ago now and I've found that over the time I've been practicing it I can use my thumb on the low E string for the B minor 7 chord. This helps in keeping my hand in the right position for the E minor 7 that comes after the bass run.
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I've been learning this one today. I really love the feeling of this and the sound of the minor blues. I tend to use the first finger for the low E string beat 1 (B) then drop same finger down to play the mini-barre on beat 2. Whatever works for you I guess as long as the right notes sound at the right time. I always play these things exactly as Griff demonstrates in the first instance, then after playing many many times I'll find my own fingering; sometimes same as Griff sometimes slightly different.

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It's a lot of fun, and ties in really well with Solo #2. I've also been dabbling with variants that I've found in some Truefire courses. Also learning the bass lines. Now I'm beginning to tie it all together with the goal of being able to do a passable version of The Thrill is Gone for any eventual jam opportunities.

It's really cool to be able to see how all of this comes together to make up the songs we know so well.


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Agree on all of the above. I find the sound of the minor blues is "richer" than the standard "Blues in E" thing.

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From memory, this is the progression that is similar to Thrill is Gone. The part I like is the Gmaj7, F#7b9 back to the Bm.

The lyric just floats over it

You know you done me wrong baby
And you'll be sorry someday


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I'm working on Lessons 11 and 12 right now, and I'm thinking that I would like to try 11-5 over a New Orleans-style, rolling backing sorta like a Doctor John "Let the Good Times Roll" feel. I don't know how to describe that feel he gets with his left hand on the piano, but it's a real good one.


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Love this lesson on Minor Blues and love to solo over it! One thing I noticed in. the lesson that I keep coming back to is in the lesson test on page 42 in my book the Bm7 cord shown is the one completely on 7th fret (2x3333) and I like that fingering. But in the video I don't see that used at all unless I'm missing it. Instead it looks to me like a normal B barre cord with 2nd and 3rd fingers released. Now these are very close in fretted notes and sound too but I think its is easier to make the cord changes from this barre cord vs the 7th fret only cord. I just thought it was interesting to show the 7th fret only cord in the book but not use it in the video examples. Not a big deal, just something I noticed and wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something here,


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I just thought it was interesting to show the 7th fret only cord in the book but not use it in the video examples.
In this lesson Griff progressively adds more to the basic rhythm pattern of Example 11-1 as he goes on to Examples 11-2 & 11-3.

In Example 11-3 in the video (p 45 in manual) he does use the "7th fret only" version to "separate the low end from the high end" as he first describes at 3:00 into the lesson immediately after suggesting that the "normal" barre-chord can actually be quite a challenge to play.

For Examples 11-1 & 11-2 he only uses the "little chord" version Bm7 with first finger across the top 3 strings while muting the lower strings with his other 3 fingers. Then going to Em7 is just a matter of simply adding your second finger a half step higher on the 2nd string and muting with the other two fingers.

BTW: Anyone who has BGU 1.0 will note that this lesson originally had only the more "progressive, separated " example that uses the Bm7 chord shape shown. :cool:
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Thanks - yes at around 26:55 in Example 11-3, I do see that cord Bm 7th fret shape explained but not used much in the Play-Alongs. But I got it now so thanks for that helpful info. Just wondering if there was way to download or stream the jam tracks used for this (Bm and Gm used in this lesson)?


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I do see that cord Bm 7th fret shape explained but not used much in the Play-Alongs.
Because it is used only in the Example 11-3 Play-Along.

When you open the course from the "My Courses" page you'll see links below the "Introduction" video for downloading everything if you own the course.

All the audio tracks are in one ZIP file.

(AAP members who don't own the course will only see a link for the manual.)

Everyone has access to the "Player" found below the download link(s) from which you can stream any audio track.

You can also access the mp3 player from the Lesson 11 page using the "show mp3 player" button to the right, below the lesson navigation list.

There are a lot of tracks in the player for this course. :cool:
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