Grinding slow jam Bminor


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A bit short on time tonight so only a couple of runs through before I had to commit this. I really like this track TZ and this wasn't at all what I wanted to do but hey, that's what happens when you jam right? A few errors but I think I got away away with them in the overall scheme of goes...
Out at 8:24
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I’ll agree with you so that both of us are wrong.
Here is my attempt at joining in with you all.

I'm in at 9:15 and went to the end.

I hope to hone some skills by getting involved in these jams. Thanks for your patience, and all feedback welcome.
You joined in quite well Jon. Looking forward to hearing more from you. I have been involved with a non guitar related project the past several weeks that has kept me from playing much but am nearing the end, so hopefully I can get some more tracks posted here in the vjr in the upcoming weeks.