**FIXIT** Submission Thread for February 27, 2023 Session


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Please list your FIXIT request in this thread OR create a new thread in the AAP Live Session Discussion section.

If you create a new thread, make sure to put FIXIT in the thread title so it can easily be found. Thanks!
This list is for Griff's reference during the live webinar.

FIXIT for Feb 27 Jon Barter Solo over Hamlin Down to See my Baby
If you have issues with this link playing, the submission is also available here:
https://paparaptor.com/AAP/JonBarter-Down To See My Baby - Bb Cover 1 20 23.mp3

The solo has a couple of full step bends with a big ol' rock n' roll vibrato on them - I need to practice that technique a lot more. Not too sure about the production, there's that huge bass synth and drums which take up a lot of space; I dropped them down a few db during the choruses to give the guitars a bit more room. I think it sounds vaguely similar to the original...or not :)

After my last submission you suggested I try creating my own solos, and you also suggested the Blues Gig in a Box course. I started playing on some of the the tracks in the Virtual Jam Room. They can be really fun and challenging so I highly suggest it to those who haven't given it a try! This is my take on "I Believe" from your Blues Gig in a Box. I didn't try to learn your solo or fills, just played with the track a bunch of times until I started to have a feel for it. Then I started recording. Found in listening back that my timing wasn't so good! Finally did a take that I liked but still found a number of timing issues. Had to go through the recording and figure out what I should have played to be in time and teach myself my own licks! Great learning experience! I chopped the keyboard solo out to shorten the track. Thanks for all the encouragement and suggestions. Here it is:

Well, I wasn't going to submit this one for several reasons, not the least of which is that I got the track, laid down the rhythm then solos in one hour.
I was hoping to finish the Outro solo and polish everything, but with only 3 submissions, well, what the heck?

BTW, This only proves that Mark, Chris and the Single Barrel Horns can make ANYONE sounds pretty good.

@Peter Wynne

My attempt at chord by chord blues soloing lesson 14 solo 1.

@Alan B. Go.
I was learning That's All Right Mama for my band. Here's one of my practice sessions.

This is a tune I recorded for the February Other Member Recording section challenge. Complete with cheezy sounding Clavinet.
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