CRGU Solo #6


Student Of The Blues
...a nice, melodic solo along the lines of what might be played over the Beatles classic, “Let It Be.”

Not sure I hear "Let it be," but it's another good lesson on teaching the 3+2 pattern and a really fun solo to stretch out on the fingerboard. It's the intro solo lesson (15) to the major pentatonic. I really like the sound, but I'm always hearing "country" when I play it.

I've been experimenting with different GarageBand "pedal" (effects) and recordings. For this one I did a bunch of takes and was trying decide between two tracks when I tried both together. Between the two takes, I think I hit all the notes! Thanks for listening!

CRGU Solo #6 jmin


Student Of The Blues
It depends which version you listen to, I guess. To my ear, you're sounding kind of a lot like this one:

Not so much like this one:

Almost forgot to mention, yours sounded great! Nice playing @jmin.

Wow! Thanks @dvs, I really appreciate you doing my homework for me! I admit, I didn't even listen to 'Let It Be' while I did this lesson, and was just spouting off from a weak memory of the song - I may have even confused it with Hey Jude!
It's funny, when I have to learn a song for a jam or once-a-year-gig, I'm all over YouTube listening to different versions of the song. But for Griff's lessons, I never even think of listening to something else when I have Griff's playing and transcription as the target.
I don't listen enough :(.

Peter Wynne

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Nice playing. Ive attempted this one for a while now. Still working on timing after all these years.

david moon

Attempting the Blues
Hey Mr. Smooth, I don't think you need to worry about timing. That was great and evoked "Let it Be" for me.