CRGU Solo #4


Student Of The Blues
So I get to lesson #11 - "Harmonics," and my stomach gets kinda queasy (like when someone mentions Modes, or Shredding). Turns out they're not that bad at all! I thought for sure that it would be a month before I could get one to ring out, let alone try to use one in a solo. Pinch Harmonics are tricky and I sure don't have 'em "down" yet, but they happen easier and faster than I thought they would (good teaching Griff!).

This was a fun solo - in the style of ZZ Top. As Griff says, don't worry how the harmonics come out for now, just move on as if you nailed 'em, and then improve over time (kinda like adding "sugar" to the bends).
So, it ain't perfect, but I gotta move on (to meet next Friday's deadline!).
Thanks for listening!

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