BGU Lesson 24. When Griff speaks of playing the boxes in major then minor for solos.


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My question the sequence of the box status stays the same except for changing key of. Box 1 sequence is the same for all keys ??


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Hi Alang -

The pentatonic box patterns are always the same. They never change. They just get moved to play in different keys. Or to play Major Pentatonic or minor Pentatonic scales in a key. They also never change in sequence to each other. It's the nature of the way the frets board is designed. The Box 1 shape will always be between the Box 5 shape and the Box 2 shape.

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Thanks, that is what I thought. I believe I over thought this point. I think my biggest problem is not playing new notes through out these scales. I mostly played Am,E and G.
Again thanks, it is really neat to have a forum like this and all the great people that will go out of their way to help.
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