How To Play A Soulful, Hard Hitting Blues Solo With Just 4 Notes...


Start soloing better today by using my famous 4 Note Solo pattern. You'll also learn:

  • The simple 4 note pattern used by Blues Legends like BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Eric Clapton to create those spell-binding solos time and time again…
  • Where on your guitar to start your solo every time so you're always in key and sound good
  • How to add a little "sugar" to all of your solos with slurs, bends, and vibrato.
  • How to easily throw cool little “Tweedlies” into your solos and double your coolness factor in about 7 minutes flat.
  • The secret to combining the major and minor blues sounds... this is the sound you've been looking for.

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Most guitar players try to solo and get what I call "the attack of stupid" almost immediately. The choices are simply too overwhelming and it's impossible to narrow it down to something simple that you can make music with and avoid all the mental gymnastics. Nearly 2 million people have discovered this blues soloing secret... and now it's your turn. Will you join me?

Griff Hamlin - Founder of Blues Guitar Unleashed and Professional Guitarist

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