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    I got to lesson 4 in BGU then I decided to give SWS a look. I am glad I did, it is a lot fun. Working on the 1st solo now.
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    Ok, but...

    This sort of thing is not necessarily a step by step process – HOWEVER – please work through the first 5 lessons and examples in order before continuing on.
    The first 5 lessons cover most basic concepts and the chord shapes that you will need for the rest of the rhythms.
    After the first 5 lessons, you can really pick and choose the rhythms and feels that you like best. You can work those first, and then move on, or just do them all in order. It’s really up to you.
    The lead work starts at lesson 15 with the blues scale. I HIGHLY recommend that you wait until after the first 5 lessons to start on any of the lead stuff. - Griff Hamlin, BGU, page 14.

    ...And to think you were so close! Now, go back and do lesson 5...then you can have fun!

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    awwwwwww crap, thats why I didnt get it right
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