The 3 Best Classic Blues Rhythms To Play Hundreds Of Songs…

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  1. JACK FLASH says:

    That was very interesting and IT GOES ON THE GRIFF HAMLIN WALL OF KNOWLEGE so I can just look up and get in to it….GREAT

  2. JP Collins says:

    Love these short and sweet tidbits. Perhaps a new concept series — blues rhythms(as above),picking styles(hybrid, chickin pickin), Chord progressions (I-IV-V or I-V-ii-IV), Call/response

  3. Joe says:

    Great stuff Griff Mocing it around is excellent also.

  4. jdjdjdj says:

    where is this on your lessons? What lesson?

  5. Robert Eldredge says:

    Well done Griff Enjoyed the simplicity and effectiveness of 3 great sounding riffs. Thanks as always

  6. Chris T. says:

    Ok, that is whacked…LOL
    I get it but probably would not have put that together for a while.

    That you could use the same two strings and go C7, G7, D7 by simply going up one fret each time. The math is there though.

  7. Pat says:

    Thank you Griff.
    As an aside I watched you live on stage playing the 2 string chords on rhythm at BGU live 2017. It works.

  8. John mann says:

    Great lesson, nice & simple! I put on a BB king play list yesterday & spent ages jamming along, just trying to use what I have learnt from all of your lessons, had hours of fun & I think it sounded pretty good 😎 Thanks Griff

  9. Alberto says:

    Great stuff and very efficace ! Many thanks from Italy

  10. jeff says:

    Great lesson Griff! If you don’t have BGU get it, Griff will let you pay for it over 3 payments and you get instant digital access.

  11. randy cornelius says:

    Grif: your tips just get better and better. question. had the left side stroke. have gotten my fingers all working. know my chords but can,t seem to make them move to next chord fast enough, even aon a slow song. any suggestion

  12. Juanlu says:

    Yeah! In Griff we trust!

  13. Griff
    You’re such a generous guy with your tips & teaching. I urge all of you who don’t have ‘Blues Guitar Unleashed’ to get a copy right now – you won’t regret it!

  14. Robin says:

    As always a great lesson

  15. Art says:

    Due to have a DVD teaching/lesson on this sort of rhythm playing. I’m not interested in the Strumming DVD you offer. Looking more for lessons like these 3 how they would work into songs. Thanks

  16. Gernot Schlegel says:

    very very good lesson Griff

  17. jean dominique says:

    I just loved the creativity

  18. Richard says:

    Classic Blues Rhythms, I like, but I’m a beginner bass player, so send me Classic Blues Rhythms for a bass guitar

  19. grif i would say i am a slow learner but you have pushed the button on this one for me Thanks a mil, & keep up the good work ,You are the best guitar Teacher in my book.I am also biting @the bit to be a blues player @the young age of 79 O yes you herd me right ,seeyou’

  20. Art Martinez says:

    Griff, don’t know if this is the right format to make an inquiry, but do you have a DVD lesson coming up or already out that I can purchase that goes into more detail on this? Thanks

  21. Connie says:

    This is great – love it.!

  22. Pete says:

    Very useful lesson. I can’t even imagine a better teacher of the Blues than Griff.

  23. John says:

    Awesome! Love it.

  24. HotLks says:

    52 Rhythm Fills & Variations.
    Great course!

  25. Shane M Akers says:

    Dude, this is great. No-nonsense and boiling it down to make it very understandable for even a beginner! Great stuff!

  26. jose solis says:

    hey Griff I learned from blues unleashed 2 but watching this video really made more since to me. keep them coming

  27. Michael Warner says:

    Michael Warner: great licks, should help me develope my ear with the jam track to practice with. Not everyone can play blues. Everyone wants to, I am one of those guys somewhere out in right field. Thanks for the shorts. Good stuff

  28. David James Keck says:

    Simple but beautiful use of Rhythm
    Love the short lessons like this.

  29. Jeffrey McDonald says:

    More Blues, uh, gold! Griff, you are the best! Thank you so much.

  30. dr. j says:

    griff, great stuff, i can use right away!

  31. jean dominique says:

    Amazing video from the master.covering a lot of ground.thank you

  32. Stan ‘Stankydz Muzic Daniels says:

    Griff, I MUST say this is the Shi—
    most of the Cats I hung with and actually got my foundation day 145 and so on. This is truly a beautiful thing and eye opener as well as a ear of simplistic guitar used forever and a day. Not only the guitar but the horns and Wow!!
    Right on my brother.
    Great Lesson I was quite impressed with the teaching without the all guitarist who complicate things with there way or?

  33. Michael Chappell says:

    Hey Griff, Great lesson and refresher as I am going through BGU V 2 again as I am understanding some of the lessons much better as I have advanced and you are right this lesson is in that course.
    Michael-Sydney-Australia Aug 2019

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