Loved "Ultimate Blues Jams" But You're Ready For More?

Now there are 50 more great reasons to love Ultimate Blues Jams! Join the thousands of other blues guitar players jamming along at home to the best blues jam tracks this side of hiring your own personal blues band...

By now you probably already know the benefits of playing with other musicians...

Your timing gets better, your soloing gets better, your ear gets better... the list goes on and on and on.

In fact, at a certain point (which is earlier than you probably think) there is little else that will improve your guitar playing faster than playing with other musicians.

And that's where Ultimate Blues Jams comes in to play... you're playing along with real blues musicians laying down the best quality blues jam tracks you can get.

And just like the last batch, these are all professionally done in a real recording studio with real microphones and real musicians.

Check out some examples from the new Ultimate Blues Jams Volume 2...

And there are dozens more in all different keys and blues styles...

It's Time To Jam...

If you have ever tried to put a band together, (or even just get a buddy sometimes) you probably know it’s a big headache

Looking for rhythm guitar players without attitude, keyboard players that know how to get out of the way, bass players that don’t want to be lead guitar players, and drummers who don’t consider it their mission to play louder than you is nearly impossible.

You want to surround yourself with players that will make you sound great and sharpen your skills... not the other way around.

Ultimate Blues Jams is the answer to these problems.

Finally, you can play guitar with a band that won’t complain, won’t step on your toes, and won’t tell you to turn down.

Plus, these tracks won’t sound like they were from HAL 9000 in the late 60s… because a good jam means listening and reacting to what is happening with all the instruments involved. There needs to be some give and take with a band to produce a real jam experience.

Now you can have real jam tracks that aren’t only produced by a real band, but change dynamics and react to different parts in the song. It becomes an organic jam experience.

And, these jam tracks come straight from the stage, preparing you for “ooohs” and “aaahs” from the crowd at any blues jam. Take it from us, it feels great.

Check out what David Ford had to say on Facebook just a few minutes after playing along with his Ultimate Blues Jams!

Here's What Ultimate Blues Jams Volume 2 Can Do For You...

  • Discover what it’s like to play music with a professional rhythm section. These jam tracks are produced by musicians with more than 85 years of collective professional experience.
  • You can play any instrument along with these jam tracks. Whether you play guitar, piano, bass, drums, or any other instrument for that matter, you can play along with these jam tracks. All the tracks are built to a click track so even drummers can play along with the rhythm section and practice their time, grooves, and fills.
  • You’ll have access to 40 of the most popular blues jam songs in the world. We took a poll from blues jammers just like you of the most popular blues jam songs they encounter at their local jams. We had hundreds of songs to choose from and narrowed it down to the top 40 tracks based on popularity. You will be ready for any blues jam with these tracks.
  • Discover what it’s like to listen for solo cues from a pro rhythm section. On each solo chorus, we focused on building each track with dynamics. There will be big sections and small sections, giving you the ultimate solo experience.
  • Discover all sorts of times and feels on all the jam tracks. Each track is built to a metronome so the time is locked in. But there are also a variety of blues styles represented on Ultimate Blues Jams. From shuffles, to straight ahead blues rock grooves, to funk blues grooves and slow blues. It’s all there!
  • You’ll be able to play in all the major blues jam keys. Even though most blues jams are in E and A, we took it a step further to include the keys of D, G, C, F, and even Eb, Bb, and Ab for the truly adventurous jammers.
  • These jam tracks include major, minor and even some altered chord progressions. We wanted to break the mold a little bit and give you some more advanced progressions to help expand your solos. You are truly going to be ready for anything that most blues jams offer you with Ultimate Blues Jams.
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Our 90 Day Total Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love what Ultimate Blues Jams Volume 2 can do for you that we are willing to let you get them risk free for a full 90 days.

Jam out to them all you want and if you are not totally thrilled with them we insist you contact us for a full refund. And you can even keep the tracks (and any additional bonus tracks!)

So You Have 3 Options...

  • 1

    Right now you can do nothing… you can close this page, head back over to YouTube, and keep going the way you’ve been going and try to find authentic jam tracks that are even half as good as Ultimate Blues Jams Volume 2 (ok... maybe some of the tracks from volume 1 are as good...)

  • 2

    You can keep going to local blues jams and try to keep up, without making much progress since there probably aren’t a lot of players there that are worth learning much from.
    You’ll want to arm yourself with the skills necessary to really turn some heads at the blues jam. Without quality practice with some real professional jam tracks, that isn’t going to happen.

  • 3

    Play along with real, authentic blues jam tracks produced by professional musicians that play together regularly. Plus you’re playing with a rhythm section with more than 85 years of professional experience collectively.

So What's All This Gonna Cost Me?

Well that's actually the best part... because Ultimate Blues Jams is only $39. Less than $1 per track for 50 of the best blues backing tracks anywhere.

And since Ultimate Blues Jams Volume 2 are delivered in our secure membership area, you'll have access right away and can download them to any device you own.

So if you like them on your computer in your "music room" you can do that. Or you can fly them into iTunes, Windows Media Player, VLC, or whatever player you choose and they will sync with your portable devices.

We've also included a streaming player in the membership area, so even if you are on an iPad or tablet that cannot download you can still use the tracks anywhere you have an internet connection.

Please remember that Ultimate Blues Jams Volume 2 does not come on a CD or any shipped media and is only available instantly as a digital download or via streaming from the secure member area.

But with 50 Jam Tracks (and another 50 with no guitar so you can play it all) that would be like 10 CDs to ship!!!!

You will also get a complete set of charts in the included PDF manual. All of the chords to all of the tracks are given along with repeats and endings.

So what are you waiting for? Get yours now and grab your guitar to start jamming!