“Jam Along To These Studio Quality, Professional Jam Tracks And Master The 8 Bar Blues…”

Using the 6 different variations of the 8 bar blues, the 5 most common keys, and the 3 most common feels, you get 180 8 Bar Blues Jam Tracks!

While it’s true that jamming along with great jam tracks can improve your timing and help you get valuable “real world” experience…

In my experience the best thing about good jam tracks is that they are just a ton of fun to play along with!

So when I wanted to dive more into the 8 bar blues (think songs like, “Key To The Highway,” or “Worried Life Blues,” or, “Get A Haircut And Get A Real Job”)…

I discovered that I basically had none 🙁

So, I did what I always do… I gathered up the guys and made some tracks of my own…

And now you can have them too so you can practice those great 8 bar songs, with a studio quality band and sound, in the comfort of your own music room.

8 Bar Blues Jam Tracks

Just like it sounds, there are a grand total of 180, 8 Bar Blues Jam Tracks inside.

6 Variations (things like the quick change, a vi ii V I turnaround, etc.)
X 5 Most Common Keys – E, G, D, A, C
X 3 Most Common Feels – Slow Blues, Swing/Shuffle Blues, Straight Rock Blues
X 2 Mixes – One “full band,” and one with no guitar in case you want to play rhythm
= 180 Jam Tracks.

Take A Listen For Yourself

How Does It Work?

Once you complete your purchase, you’ll get an email with the login to the Blues Guitar Unleashed Secure Member Portal where you’ll see your 8 Bar Blues Jam Tracks right away.

Click on the “course” and you’ll see the players for all of the variations easily organized by style, with the Full Band version on top, and the No-Guitar version underneath.

At the bottom of the page you’ll find download links to download the tracks, if you wish.

Also at the bottom of the page you’ll see a link to download the PDF Manual, which has chord charts and all of the progressions written out for all of the tracks.

That’s it… it’s simple.

But, if for some reason you’re not totally thrilled, just let us know and we’ll give you a full and complete refund, no questions asked, any time with 90 days of your purchase.

Simply click the “Add To Cart” button below, complete your purchase, then grab your guitar and starting jamming!

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