“Finally, Have More Classic Slow Blues Licks Than You Can ‘Shake A Stick At’ Organized By Exactly Where They Fall On The Fretboard…”

Plus, you’ll finally be able to remember and use these licks like they are your very own in your fills and solos.

If I had a nickel for every blues guitar student that asked me, “Hey, where can I find these cool blues licks organized by which box they are in?”

Well, then I would not be here writing you today, I’d be on a hammock somewhere tropical 🙂

You see, licks are great, and you need to have a bunch of them so you can play those incredible blues solos you keep hearing in your mind…

But so often you might find yourself in the middle of one of those epic solos, only to realize that you don’t have a lick for your current location on the fretboard…

And, sadly ,when that happens, the music usually stops quickly and painfully 🙁

Luckily, with just a handful of licks under your belt for any are of the fretboard, you’ll always have something to play that sounds great, no matter where you find yourself.

Which is why I made this…

50 Slow Blues Licks By The Box is a grand total of 50 slow blues licks arranged such that there are 10 complete, authentic sounding blues licks for each of the “5 Boxes.”

Most blues players are familiar with the 5 boxes concept for learning the pentatonic and blues scales, but most of the licks you’ll see are in box 1, or maybe they’ll dip into box 2 and maybe a little into box 5…

But what happens when you want to play in boxes 3, 4, and 5?

Usually, a whole lot of nothing 🙁

But what makes 50 Slow Blues Licks By The Box unique is in the process you’ll go through breaking down, memorizing and ultimately making these licks part of your own blues vocabulary.

The course is divided into 5 sections, one section for each of the 5 boxes…

Inside each section there is a breakdown video where each of the 10 licks is broken down note for note and the rhythm and count is explained for you.

At this point, your goal is to memorize each lick to the point where you can play it and count it out loud at the same time – at any speed that works for you.

When you’ve got a lick up to speed, you should try playing it along with the jam track I’ve provided – and there are jam tracks in 5 different keys so that you can try the lick in various places and various keys.

Once you’ve got a few of the licks memorized – or maybe even all of them – there is a “trading” video where you can test your skills and make sure you really know them and can recognize and repeat them by ear…

This is one of the most crucial steps for learning licks and being able to use them in your solos (it also builds your soloing skills dramatically) but it is often overlooked, so don’t skip this step!

Finally, at the end of each section I’ve put together a 24 bar solo for you with all 10 of the licks in some order that makes some sense.

You can choose to learn that solo, and it should be pretty easy after you’ve learned the licks.

At the end of the course you’ll get 3 more bonus solos where I take licks from ALL of the sections and put them together into complete 24 bar solos that you’ll definitely want to get under your fingers.

So Here’s What To Do Next

50 Slow Blues Licks By The Box is just $57 and you can get it instantly as a digital download or stream it from your own private Member Portal on your computer or mobile device (as long as you have an internet connection.) It never goes away and you can access it any time…

The video player in the Member Portal allows you to loop sections of the video for practice, allows you to change the speed to slow things down or speed the up as you need, and you can save lessons to your own “favorites” list and come back to them instantly the next time you login.

All you have to do is click the “Add To Cart” button below, and complete the secure checkout to get your copy just a few minutes from now.

Is That It?

Pretty much.. that’s about it.

As always, you get my iron-clad, 90 day guarantee. If you don’t love 50 Slow Blues Licks By The Box, just let my friendly helpdesk know and you’ll get a complete refund, no questions asked – and you don’t even have to send it back.

My private students that have gone through some of this training have paid me upwards of $1000 or more for this information and done so willingly, and they don’t even get a money-back guarantee!

So to get this complete course, all 50 licks with complete video breakdowns, complete TABs, audio playalongs, jam tracks, trading videos, and the 3 bonus solos for $57 is kind of a no-brainer.

There’s no catch, no hidden continuity thing, and no shenanigans to be found. The order form is secure and you can rest assured that your privacy and data are safe. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose…

And with my 90 day no-questions-asked-you-don’t-even-have-to-send-it-back guarantee, this is the perfect chance to finally be soloing in the way you’ve always imagined you could.

So click the “Add To Cart” button below and within just a few minutes from now you can be getting some of those sweet slow blues licks under your fingers.

To get your complete copy of 50 Slow Blues Licks By The Box just click the yellow “Add To Cart” button below. Just as soon as your order is complete you will receive an email with your access instructions to the secure Member Portal so you can be creating exciting new blues solos in just a few minutes from now!

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This is a one time payment, NOT a subscription.

PS – In case you thought, “Oh, I’ll just scroll down to the bottom and get the scoop,” let me hip you to it…

I’m offering you a great chance to try my new 50 Slow Blues Licks By The Box so you can finally start using all of your guitar fretboard better, with 10 licks in each of the “5 Boxes.”

For each section of 10 licks there is a video breaking them all down note for note with on-screen TAB, plus of course I’ll count them for you and suggest alternatives in case something is difficult…

Then there are trading videos in each section where you get to “trade licks” with me. This is the best way to guarantee your licks will stay with you, plus it makes you a better improviser… and it’s really fun!

Each section also has a solo that utilizes all 10 of the licks in that section, plus there are 3 bonus solos at the end of the course where you’ll get solo that use licks from all of the boxes, just like real solos do 😉

You can get it all for just $57, with my iron-clad 90 day guarantee. You love it or you get a refund, and you don’t even have to send it back.

Sound good? Great! Then get yours here.