WTFuzz Em-106


Blues Junior

Enjoyed that, your tone and @Paleo was excellent - what delay are you using?

Delayed reply, we've been busy preparing for a 1st floor bedroom suite addition, while not essential today, have to expect a joint or two will need replacing and getting up and down stairs will become an issue. Filling up a 30-yard dumpster with what was once useful stuff and now is considered junk that you can't give away, just another life passage rite.

With today's costs, I sure am singing the blueso_Oo_O if only I could play them . . . .


I’ll agree with you so that both of us are wrong.

I had to reacquaint myself to the VJR process. I replaced my old computer a few weeks ago, so this is the first recording that I have done on the new pc. I had myself all prepared for a miserable experience getting everything up and running on the new computer but amazingly it went pretty smooth. Just had a few missing vst plugins after reinstalling all of my software but was able to locate them quickly.

I am in from 5:35 - 6:56 on this fuzzy track.

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