“Ever Wish You Could Play Like BB King? Well, Here’s How…”

By diving inside BB King’s scales, patterns, licks, and solos, you can see inside the genius and deceptively simple soloing of BB King… plus you can use it for yourself in your own playing.

It always frustrates me when I hear people dismiss BB King’s playing as, “simple,” or “easy…”

But, more than that, it shows me that those people have never really “dug in” to it, and seen just how amazing BB King really was.

BB King is one of the primary reasons I play the blues today, and have for over 30 years… but his playing is often about playing economically…

So rather than dazzle you with fretboard wizardry requiring his hand fly around the fretboard, he chose to keep a variety of sounds close together… requiring very little fretboard real estate.

While that might not look as impressive, it allows you, as a guitar player, to weave through various sounds quickly and easily as the chords of a blues change behind you.

So, you might think you could just go learn a bunch of BB Solos and you’d have it… after all there are plenty of books available with dozens of his solos transcribed…

But without understanding why he chose the notes that he chose, and without breaking down the patterns, and the thought processes…

You’re pretty much guaranteed to miss the nuances and the details that are the hallmarks of his playing.

Whether those details are rhythmic, or that “just right” note in that “just right” spot, if you miss them, you can buy all the TAB books in the world and it just isn’t going to get you where you want to be…

And I know because I think I own every single one of those books already… but it still took me decades to fully appreciate where those notes came from.

Lucky for you, I’ve taken all those years and distilled them down into a system of video lessons that you can use right away to start sounding more and more like BB King in your own playing.

That System, Is This…

How To Solo Like BB King is exactly as it sounds… it is a trip through BB King’s methodology and practices, in an easy to digest format.

It consists of about 5 hours of video lessons, audio play-along tracks, and jam tracks.

You’ll get a deep insight into how BB King probably approached his guitar playing, as well as the scales and patterns he commonly used (which is NOT just the “BB Box” as most people would have you believe!)

Here’s how (and why) How To Solo Like BB King works:

When you want to learn to solo, you need 3 things: the “why”, or the approaches and theory of what’s going on (you need to know what to think about…)

You also need some “licks,” or stock phrases that will work for you when you want to say something. We rarely speak word by word, we speak in phrases, and you need those to play as well as to speak.

And yes, you also need some complete solos… but it’s best to see how the licks get put together to form the solos, as opposed to just learning the solos in their entirety.

I have yet to see all 3 of those things in one place, until now.

But There’s More To It Than Just BB King Licks…

Sure, it’s great to be able to channel your “inner BB King” when you’re soloing and really pull out some licks and phrases that pay homage to such a great player…

But the reality is that this is also about blues soloing, in general, simply because almost every blues guitar player you’ve ever heard can say they’ve been influenced by BB King in some way, shape, or form.

Being able to understand and utilize BB King’s “Core Position,” as I like to call it, will allow you to easily and efficiently change between minor and major pentatonic and blues sounds, or add in things like the Pentatonic 6 sound, or even modes or arpeggios to your playing…

And, more importantly, you’ll be able to do it in a way that is efficient, and allows you to play in any key.

You can use those same patterns to play licks in the style of other players, or even do your own thing… but you’re still using that “framework” that BB King lays out and works so well.

I hear classic BB King ideas in many modern blues players… guys like Matt Schofield, Robben Ford, Kirk Fletcher, Chris Cain… they all use BB King’s sense of harmony and rhythm all over the place.

So like I said, there’s a lot more to this course than just playing BB King licks.

Here are just some of the things you’re getting…

  • My complete Encyclopedia of Scale Patterns, including all the ‘boxes’ of the Minor Pentatonic, Major Pentatonic, Minor and Major Blues, Pentatonic 6, 4 Note Solo Pattern, House Pattern, BB King Box, and more…
  • How to use a first string root to change back and forth between major and minor pentatonic and blues sounds, or to add in other sounds like the Pentatonic 6, as BB King often did.
  • How to use the 2nd string root, “Core Position,” to play, effectively, any sound you could need. BB King was able to revolve around a 2nd string root, weaving through major and minor sounds, effortlessly. He could follow complex chord changes without ever leaving his “home base.”
  • Of course, we’ll talk about the BB King’s famous vibrato, along with how you might be able to emulate it, depending on what’s comfortable for you and your “Guitar DNA.”
  • BB King’s famous “4 against 3” rhythmic ideas. He was a master at going from a triplet feel to a straight 1/16th note feel and it adds a ton to your solos.
  • 9 Complete BB King solos – 3 in straight feels (think songs like, “The Thrill Is Gone,” and “Why I Sing The Blues), 3 in swing feels (like, “Confessin’ The Blues” or “You Upset Me Baby), and 3 classic slow blues solos (like “Sweet Little Angel,” for example.)
  • 58 Classic BB King licks, TABbed out, and gone through note-for-note in the video. You’ll know exactly why every note was chosen, and how you might make changes if your needs dictated something else.
  • Play along tracks for all 9 solos, plus full length jam tracks you can use for practice any time.

And of course, there is more besides, but I think you get the idea…

Mostly what makes this course so powerful is the “why” behind all of the licks. Once you really understand where those ideas come from, you can really use them for yourself. Like they say, “Knowledge Is Power.”

So Here’s What To Do Next

How To Solo Like BB King is just $97 and you can get it instantly as a digital download or stream it from your own private Member Portal on your computer or mobile device (as long as you have an internet connection.) It never goes away and you can access it any time.

Also, if you prefer to have me print out the manual I can do that for you, and there is an option for DVDs and CDs if you want.

You can have the course however you prefer, just click the “Add To Cart” button that fits your style, and complete the secure checkout to get your copy today.

Is That It?

Pretty much.. that’s about it.

As always, you get my iron-clad, 90 day guarantee. If you don’t love How To Solo Like BB King, just let my friendly helpdesk know and you’ll get a complete refund, no questions asked – and you don’t even have to send it back.

My private students that have gone through some of this training have paid me upwards of $1000 or more for this information and done so willingly, and they don’t even get a money-back guarantee!

So to get this complete course, all 5 hours of video, complete TABs, audio playalongs, jam tracks, for $97 is kind of a no-brainer.

There’s no catch, no hidden continuity thing, and no shenanigans to be found. The order form is secure and you can rest assured that your privacy and data are safe. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose…

Now Is The Time…

Putting this off until “someday” is just putting off success that much longer, and there’s no reason for that. If you really want to make improvements now, you have to act now, it’s that simple.

And with my 90 day no-questions-asked-you-don’t-even-have-to-send-it-back guarantee, this is the perfect chance to really up your blues soloing game and really absorb these BB King elements that made him so revered for so many years.

So click the “Add To Cart” button below that fits your style (digital, digital with printed manual, or digital with the printed manual and the DVDs and CD.)

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PS – In case you thought, “Oh, I’ll just scroll down to the bottom and get the scoop,” let me hip you to it…

I’m offering you a great chance to try my new How To Solo Like BB King course, where you can not only see inside the workings of arguably the greatest blues guitar player ever…

But you’ll also see the “why” behind what he did, and how you can apply that to your own playing.

There is about 5 hours of video, 9 complete solos, 58 licks, complete TABs, and so much more…

You can get it all for just $97, with my iron-clad 90 day guarantee. You love it or you get a refund, and you don’t even have to send it back.

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