Attention: Frustrated Guitar Players Looking To Master The Guitar Fretboard…

Finally Discover The Secrets To Unlocking The Guitar Fretboard So That You Can Master Any Chord, Scale, Or Arpeggio In Record Time…

When you can truly view the fretboard from the highest level, you’ll see that you can easily put together any chord, and scale, or any arpeggio that you could possibly imagine… and by using my approach to the CAGED system you can now view your fretboard from that highest level in record time with a step-by-step system for completely understanding it…

In all of my 30+ years of teaching… there has been one common goal of my students that has really bothered me…

And sadly, the only reason it bothered me so much was because I knew that it was such a frustrating path… and that most students with this one particular desire ended up quitting (at worst,) or giving up this idea (at best.)

Maybe you have also had this idea of “mastering the fretboard completely…”

But do you know what that means?

And, more importantly, do you know how to do it?

My guess is that, at least at this point, you’re not sure. Maybe you’ve tried CAGED in the past and thought it was too difficult or confusing.

Or maybe you’ve been told that you need to learn CAGED, but you weren’t told why, so it seemed like a whole lot of work for very little payback musically...

It’s also possible that you’ve never even heard of this CAGED thing… and if that’s the case, you’re actually one of the lucky ones.

There is no single guitar concept I’ve ever seen that causes more confusion than CAGED for more unsuspecting guitar players around the globe…

And the reason is so simple: there is no why behind it.

If someone, somewhere, told you that you need to learn the CAGED system… you could have actually learned the nuts and bolts in about 10-15 minutes.

Seriously, that’s about how long it takes me to teach the fundamentals of CAGED.

The problem is, that’s where the explanation usually ends. There is no talk of what you can do with CAGED, why you might want it, or how you could use it.

There is no talk of how to practice it for mastery.

Let me put it to you this way… your brain can do only a few things at once (in books I’ve read on learning theory it is said the brain can handle 7 things, plus or minus 2 depending on the individual.)

So let’s say you are playing a song and you’d like to change the C chord to something a little fancier like a C9 chord…

Well your brain can handle knowing that it’s a C chord now, and knowing that you’d like to add a 9 to it – but if you don’t know on autopilot where that 9 is… forget about it, it ain’t happening.

Or maybe you’re soloing over a blues and you are playing the major blues scale, but you know there is a flatted 7th in the chord so you’d like to add it – but since you don’t have CAGED under your fingers you can’t just see where that b7 is… so you might as well have not had that idea at all.

Except that you did have the idea, and you weren’t able to execute it – and that, my friend, is the definition of frustration (as if you haven’t run into that before… I realize.)

And all of this is because someone, somewhere, told you about this CAGED thing and left you there hanging… it’s truly not your fault and I’m sorry that happened.

But the good news is that now you have a path in front of you that is step-by-step and leaves no stone unturned…

Not only will I show you CAGED, and how it works, I’ll show you how to master it in sections – one skill at a time.

I’ll show you how to practice it effectively such that even 15 minutes a day will give you massive improvements over the next 30-60 days.

And when you have it under your fingers, I’ll show you how to make common moves on your guitar that utilize the shapes so that you get these moves even better under your fingers.

Because if you think about it, how often do your fingers just go to the places they’ve gone before?

That’s what we do as guitar players – we practice something at home and get it to the point that it goes on autopilot… then on the bandstand or as soon as the jam track starts, we go to where we are comfortable.

Why? Because of that little list your brain has. There simply isn’t enough brain power to think of something cool to play and think of how to play it.

You get one or the other… not both… and if you think about your own playing you can probably see how often that happens (I know I sure can!)

But if you follow the lessons in CAGED Unleashed, and simply practice the lessons for about 15 minutes a day, you’ll have a lot of those cool moves on autopilot.

And more importantly, while you are building your finger memory, you are also increasing your overall understanding and “mental model” of the fretboard.

So that day when you’re playing a song you’ve played before and you want to change one of the chords… you will know where your options are and what they’ll probably sound like…

When you want to add that b7 to your scale just because you want to hear what it sounds like… you can do that too.

When you want to follow a set of complex chord changes by using only chord tones so it sounds perfect and fits right in… you won’t have to worry about where those chord tones are because you will already know.

And while I know that sounds like a big promise and a pretty far-fetched idea… it’s exactly what I, and most of my professional guitar playing friends, do every day like brushing our teeth.

In fact, one of the most common questions I get asked from my students is, “How do you look at the fretboard?”

And when I explain it, their eyes glaze over… because it just doesn’t seem possible until you’ve taken some time and done what I’ve put out in CAGED Unleashed… but I can assure you that it’s not only possible, I can guarantee it.

Here’s What CAGED Unleashed Can Do For You…

  1. You will have a complete understanding and “mental model” of your guitar fretboard so that you can literally see your note choices under your fingers.
  2. You will have a step-by-step path to follow for not only learning and understanding the CAGED chords, but you will also be able to play them on autopilot while you improve your knowledge of all chords, scales, and arpeggios (and you’ll even learn a little theory in there along the way…)
  3. You will be able to play any chord you can imagine at any time. People often think I memorized a ton of chords – that’s false. I simply make them up as a I need them. The ones I like I tend to use more often and they become my favorites. The same can happen for you.
  4. You will be able to play any scale you want at any time. It’s the same as the chords.
  5. You will get an enhancement to any other system you already know. CAGED doesn’t replace anything like boxes or scale patterns or arpeggios you already know. In fact, if anything it helps you know and understand what you already know, even better than before.
  6. You will be able to solo over literally any song or any set of chord changes. The bottom line is that, if you stick to chord tones, you can’t ever be wrong. So even the most complex chord changes that go through multiple keys can’t trip you up if you simply follow them with chord tones… and you can do that with CAGED easily. Jazz players learn this way from the beginning often, but it’s usually new to guitar players.
  7. You can come up with every single possible fingering of any chord you want. Playing in a group with another guitar player? Cool, just use a different voicing for the chords than the other guitar player and you’ll both sound better.
  8. You’ll gain a better understanding of the how and why behind most music you already play on your guitar. Because all of those things you just learned by doing before, now will make perfect sense.
  9. You’ll have a much easier time memorizing music and remembering music longer. With understanding more about the music you play, it’s much easier to remember it quicker and for longer. No more forgetting that thing you practiced last week but now can’t remember… you’ll have owned it the first time and you’ll still own it now.

And, to be fair, there’s a whole lot more that CAGED does for you that I can’t really explain simply because it’s hard to explain concepts and ideas that you’ve never seen before.

But if it wasn’t useful, and it wasn’t something worth learning, why would there be so many books about it already? And why would so many people be talking about it and wondering if it’s the right thing for them?

CAGED simply is how the fretboard is put together… there isn’t a single other method of truly understanding it all that I’ve ever seen, when it’s done right.

So Here’s What You’ll Get In CAGED Unleashed…

  1. How to play the 5 CAGED chord shapes and how to make them for any major chord.
  2. How to master all of the shapes for all of the chords in practice (this is the most important thing you’ll learn and I’ve never seen it anywhere else…)
  3. How to put moves between the most common chords, the I, IV, and V, on autopilot in practice.
  4. How to group the CAGED shapes so that you’ll see there are really only 2 shapes, not 5 (as if it wasn’t simple enough already!)
  5. How to make any chord minor
  6. How to make any of the 3 types of 7th chords from the major or minor chords.
  7. How to turn your chords into arpeggios easily.
  8. How to create any other chord, scale, or arpeggio you could ever dream up.
  9. How CAGED relates to the Pentatonic Scale you might already know (to help you bridge the gap from what you already know.)
  10. How CAGED relates to the diatonic Major Scale. The Major scale is often the theoretical roadmap for all music. By knowing it through the eyes of CAGED you’ll truly understand music better – not just your guitar.
  11. A whole mess of jam tracks to practice the skills in the course with so you’re not always just playing with a metronome.

All in all, it’s about 3 ½ - 4 hours of video time… but more importantly it’s a lifetime of understanding.

And if you were to do this all with me personally, you could expect it to take you several months to get through it all… and you’ve have paid me about $2500 for the pleasure (at my current $100/hour lesson rate.)

But with the power of video you can have the exact same material in your hands, that you can go through at your own pace, for just $107 for the DVDs, CD, and printed manual.

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