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I have the Acoustic Slide and the other Slide course by Griff.  Haven't looked at or started either course.

Which one should I start first or doesn't it matter?  What would be the determining factors?


hey 'python , the 1st slide course is a short course designed as an introduction to slide for people want to add a bit of slide to their playing , its in standard tuning.I have not looked at it but I think Rue has a copy of it ... I had not played for 20 + yrs but I did play a bit of slide , so all I needed really to get back into it was to throw a slide back on my finger !
Having said that , the 1st book shows some basic techniques for sliding & I think Griff talks about finding a slide that fits etc
A lot of this can also be found in the new slide course , exercises , licks , talking about slides , where to wear it ( but that is personal preferance no matter what anyone tells you ) songs too ...and this is done in standard tuning , open D & open G.
So I think you could go straight to the new slide course without any major drama's.



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Thanks NSLP.......IIRC the first slide course is structured around playing slide per SWS....and I wondered if the Acoustic Slide course might be more "basics" oriented?

I like how Griff teaches, so I wanted to do his slide stuff in order....even though I already know some slide.


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There is actually quite a bit of duplication on those 2 as far as the beginning and the introductory techniques are concerned.

So if you're new to slide, either one will work fine as far as technique is concerned.

The Intro To Slide course is about soloing with a slide and adding that sound to your vocabulary as a lead (electric) player.

The Acoustic Delta Blues Slide course is obviously geared differently, and covers open tunings where the other does not.

So either one is safe to start with. There is no particular order that would matter.