Voodoo Chile


A Blues Legend in My Own Mind
My first try at remembering how to work things and to mix. Haven't gone through Paparaptors videos yet. Just wanted to see if I could remember some things from memory.

I sing in church but always an octave down. My rock voice is out of shape. I shall try to attain it again.

Very rough cut. Slight bit of latency.

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Better than I was yesterday
Nice job. I couldn't listen on decent speakers yet, but it seemed like a good mix, good playing. WTG.
Can't go wrong with Hendrix tunes in my book.


A Blues Legend in My Own Mind
Had to record the guitar with a ball mic and listen to the track through phones. So if I can figure out recording through my g5n I should be able to get rid of latency. I tried moving the track slightly but that didn't work out real well. So we'll see.


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Dang, that playings sounds pretty good, as does the recording. If you can't remove the hardware latency, you should be able to compensate for it in the DAW using the settings there. To measure it, I usually create a click track and then play/record the click track in real time back onto a new track. Then, you can use the two waveforms to measure the time differences between the peaks across the two tracks. Once you know how many milliseconds of latency you have, you can adjust the buffers and latency settings to compensate.