Using OD pedals when trying to keep the volume down.

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    As a follow up to yesterdays AAP webinar on TS9 style OD's Griff shortly mentioned loudness when trying out OD's. I like loud!! but unfortunately I find myself always playing in live situations where I have to keep the overall volume at a low, comfortable level for the audience. ie: small coffee shops or churches or because other band members think I'm too loud. (only because the other guitar player doesn't like loud) Because of this I am not inspired by the pure joy of feeling that speaker moving air and the guitar playing sweet tones through the pedals and drive the amp to that sweet spot. At low volume I can hear it but I can't feel it, if that makes sense. Speaking of setting unity of the pedal so the on/off volume's are close usually means setting the pedal volume so low that it hardly effects the output because the amp is so low. Am I alone in this problem or am I going about things all wrong. How do the rest of you cope with small venues or volume sensitive people or band mates.

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    I'm not a generally loud player, get asked to turn it down at church every so often, that said I do like to hear what I'm playing and the nuances of playing rather than GBH of the eardrums.
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    I lower the volume to where it's acceptable and then bring up the gain to make it sweet. For me a ts9 doesn't have that kind of gain, that doesn't mean it won't work for you. I'd look for something with a little bit more creamy distortion to color your tone, but that preference is totally subjective
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