Up and Gone Blues

To celebrate finishing BGU in 2014, i bought two more courses (ABGU and the Acoustic Delta Blues Slide Guitar) and a new Resonator guitar. I am just now getting around to working on the the slide guitar course.

This recording is lesson 3 in the Acoustic Delta Blues Slide Guitar course - called the Up and Gone Blues.
It is standard tuning. Of course, i had to buy a whole drawer full of slides to play with for this course.
The slide i used for this recording is a blue glass slide which you can see pictured sitting on my Martin D-15M in some of my Soundcloud tracks.

I did most of the practice on electric guitars, which have a cool sound.
When i get the distortion dialed in and the volume cranked up i feel like i am channeling George Thorogood !
bad to the bone. Maybe i'll post one of those recordings later.

As with most lessons, i thought i owned this one until i started recording it then realized i sounded awful. After much practice, this sloppy acoustic version is good enough to give myself permission to move on to the next lesson.



Blues Newbie
I liked both of these.....well done WindInTrees. I've been working on this one for a couples weeks on electric but in view of your comments I think I now need to record it and listen before I go any further. Thanks for sharing. (y)


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Nice job on what I consider a tough song. I worked on it for several weeks and still practice it. You audio clips shows that this beast can be conquered.