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    This could be a follow on to "Finding Your Own Tone".
    I assume there is a difference between your tone when playing with GHB and when playing with Yardsale (One tone vs matching the tone for a particular song). I'm probably using the word "Tone" loosely, I'm talking about everything that makes say, a Hendrix song sound different from a Doobie Brothers or Bruno Mars or ...

    Can you discuss your process for matching your tone to a particular song?
    Do you just hear it and know what to do?
    Do you do lots of A/B-ing the original recording and your live sound?
    I can hear the difference between the original recordings and my sound, but I don't always know what to tweek.
    Also how much of getting your Kemper to model an amp/particular sound is your ears and how much is done via software. Does the software listen to the amp you plan to model and just figure it out on its own or are your ears involved too?
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    Sounds like it would be an interesting topic!