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Discussion in 'SWS Questions' started by petersoc, Oct 31, 2010.

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    This is probably obvious to a lot of you, but this all came clear to me this weekend. I have been soloing over a few Southern rock songs this last week -- Marshall Tucker Band/Skynaryd, and for many of those songs it is most appropriate to solo using the major pentatonic scale over all the chord changes.  I realized that the basic Blues Boxes are identical for the major pentatonic solo, the position of the root/tonic note is just different. e..g in the key of A, the relative major is the key of C, so you can use the A blues boxes to major in C.  Too much theory, but it really makes looking at things much easier.
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    That's great that you've found a way to see that concept that works for you. Many folks around here have spent a lot of time really grasping the major/minor sounds and being able to use them both fluently.

    If you want to investigate it further, do a search for "major minor" and you'll see there are quite a few threads on the subject.