Steve's Guitar in BBBS

Scotty R

Blues Newbie
I'm loving Steve's guitar in this course. His pick up configuration isn't common in tele's.
Any idea what the reasoning is for this config.

Lastly, Griff should have put a close shot Steve's guitar on the cover. That would have been sweet.

mountain man

Still got the Blues!
It's a Suhr "Nashville Tele" style. And that's the Tele I'm looking for too. Not necessarily a Suhr. And I have no interest in those "B bender" models..... You can play it like a strat if you like, and by that I mean you can have a pup selector at 2 and 4 if you like. I use 2 and 4 on my strats as my most common pup selection. Far and away? I'm on 2, the neck and the middle pup. :thumbup: