St. Louis Blues


Lifelong Learner
Okay, so here's my attempt at St. Louis Blues. I didn't change any notes on purpose and only 1 or 2 on accident. Great song and really fun to play. I might have to look into some of the other acoustic songs on the BGU site.

I'll keep practicing this because it's fun, I started the Electric BGU a couple of weeks ago and it seems great as well. Looking forward to many more years of playing.

As always any feedback is always welcome!




Student Of The Blues
I am just now seeing this. Wow, great job! My only suggestion is to watch the timing and beat a little bit as it seems very slightly rushed in a couple places. Really nice playing!


Blues Newbie
Super playing. Maybe one of these days I'll try doing this one. My big hang up is that in the time it takes me to learn this one, long, song, I could learn several other things in stead, so I never get around to St. Louis Blues.

Silicon Valley Tom

It makes me happpy to play The Blues!
Very nice job! Keep up the good work! :cool::)

I like to suggest to people listening to outstanding performances to help them to emulate the feeling that can be enjoyed playing and litening to a piece of music.

Here is an outstanding version of St. Louis Blues, worth listening to and a good source of inspiration.


Silicon Valley Tom

It makes me happpy to play The Blues!
Here is a version of St. Louis Blues by Ethel Waters. Compare it to Bessie Smith's version. Like any piece of music, there are so many ways to perform. You can find and play the way you want.

By the way, I have liked Ethel Waters since I was 4. I enjoyed her singing and acting. She reminds me so much of my sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Jensen. A very kind and caring person.



Blues Journeyman
Robert's version is excellent - fine playing there.

From Tom's postings, I especially like the little homage to Rhapsody In Blue at the end of the Ethel Waters version :thumbup::thumbup: