Songs thar can be practiced with lesson5 -blues half step

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    I went back to do some review and found I was quite rusty doing this exercise. I just didn't know any actual songs to apply it so I hadn't played it for a while.Without real life application It's just an exercise.
    any suggestions?
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    The great thing about lesson 5 is it can be used just about anywhere. Stormy Weather is a classic use. Maybe SRV's Crossfire as a faster tempo use. But those sliding 7ths and 9ths work on any blues if you find what key it's in.
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    It's not a song specific technique.

    Unless you're looking for specific songs. :sneaky:

    As @BraylonJennings suggests you can approach/precede any chord at any time from a half-step above or even from below.

    You just wouldn't want to do it all the time.

    But as "real life" practice you could use any jam track and go nuts.

    Maybe a nice Slow Blues to get you started.

    Or pretty much anything by T-Bone Walker.

    The guitar especially for the last chorus (2:30), but the piano and horns throughout. :)
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