Slow Blues Feel Slow Blues In C


Student Of The Blues
Excellent, Ivan!!! Your building yourself some serious soloing skills! I listened extra careful for the timing and I couldn't detect a single flaw.
Awesome playing!


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Thanks jmin.

Appreciate the comments. I only wish I could remember this stuff down the road......haha.

Having fun with this but I think I'm going to jump over to the shuffle lesson to give that a try.


Student Of The Blues
Wow, that is about as perfect a student recording as I have ever heard. Bravo! Nothing to critique, you nailed it!


Comparison is the thief of joy
Here's my second go at the slow blues.

I've been working on tightening up the timing on the first solo I did in the key of A. So I decided to string the two together and make this a 24 bar solo. The first 12 bars is the first solo I did and the last 12 is the new one I'm adding to it. I recorded this in the key of C.

Thanks for listening. C Blues.mp3

You nailed it!
Great phrasing, great timing and great tone.

You hit the trifecta!

Great job!


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Very nice! I can see it now. Buy the Slow Blues Construction Kit and you will be able to play like this!

See you down the road! :thumbup:


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Ivan, I always enjoy listening to your guitar playing. On this one, you nailed it!! Your playing has the real "feel" for the blues! Congratulations! (y)


Student Of The Blues
I figured that anything you would post would sound really good but you really outdid yourself. The tone and playing are absolutely perfect! I think you just inspired me to get working on my construction kit.


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Thanks Elio.

Not so sure about perfect. You know some days the notes just roll off your fingers better than others....this day day happened to be a good one.

Looking forward to your next blues kit solo.

Thanks again!