Sitting Easy Blues


Blues Newbie
A couple of stumbles, but I'm happy with it over all.

Recorded in Studio One 3 using a Fender CD-140SCE All Mahogany.


Student Of The Blues
Good job, notes are ringing out nice and clear, the very minor stumbles you mentioned just give it that authentic down home blues feel :)


On my way
Nice and easy feel. It takes lots of practice to get this one and it really shows that you did it.  [smiley=thumbsup.gif]


Blues Newbie
Thanks.  I got it to where I could play along with the CD and not look at the TAB, and then when I hit record, I went stupid, and couldn't hardly play it.  It took close to an hour to record a decent track.  Darned rented fingers! ;D


Blues Newbie
I'm facing the same issues....get to the stage where I can play it withou tab and in time along with a backing track....but hit record and it becomes another challenge.

Probably need to do it more often and not think about it but that's easier said than done.

By the way I thought this was pretty darn good.



Student Of The Blues
That sounded crisp and clear and with good timing to me. It's funny how that record button turns into an instant impediment!