Right Hand Misbehaving

Discussion in 'BBG Questions' started by Jacques, Apr 16, 2016.

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    Jan 12, 2016
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    During my morning practice I notice something pretty cool about my misbehaving right hand.

    I have been able to pick up the swing rhythm easily when strumming. It's been a lot more challenging when picking individual notes. I notice that when I look at my right hand when playing, my rhythm becomes less erratic and more in sync. Like a little kid behaving when you look at him but misbehaving when you turn your back. Yeah, that could have been me growing up!

    It could be I am putting a lot of focus on making sure I learn the alternate picking correctly, like always going up on the "and" part of the beat. Too much focus leads to tightness and chokes out the feel of rhythm.

    Anyways, thought I'd share in case someone else is struggling with the alternate picking swing rhythm.
  2. Momantai

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    Apr 27, 2014
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    It may help to tap your foot while playing. In my case it somehow synchronizes all other timing.
  3. 02KnowBetter

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    Apr 23, 2014
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    I was a bit surprised at first how long it took me to get most of the basics down. For some reason I thought that with a bit of effort and attention I would soon be on to learning the things that surprise and delight the audience :). Fast forward a few years and I'm still working on the basics. Sure, my playing has improved but I still need expend effort and pay attention to the little things. The lesson here - don't set the bar too high for yourself and quit playing out of disappointment. To add to Momantai's comment, tap your foot, nod your head - what ever works for you. Of course, to repeat one of Griff's favorite edicts, count out loud. The sooner you start the better off you will be.
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    Jun 4, 2013
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    All good advice... and... just keep at it. It's a muscle memory thing. You'll find that the progress is hard to see day-to-day, but a few weeks later you'll see it comes in leaps.
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    Jul 2, 2014
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    Bill basically said what I was going to say. Keep looking at the right hand. Until the left had messes up, then look at the left hand as long as it takes to get that corrected. Then go back to looking at the right hand. After a few weeks of this you should notice an improvement. And it that still doesn't work? I prescribe a cold beverage of your choice. Then try it all again for a few more weeks. :thumbup:
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