Practice generator not saving custom schedules

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    Hello, so it is time for me to make a new practice schedule again. I was trying to get this working last time and had a lot of problems saving it. But, I kinda got around it so I’m trying again and still have problems with it but I can work around them. 1st off I’m using an iPad mini 4 with iso 12.1.1 so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it instead of a laptop/pc.. so e things I’ve found

    1) their is no pause button on the right of your schedule like is shown in the tutorial. That’s not a problem that can’t be lived without.

    2) the button to rearrange the practice order will highlight the selected lesson but it won’t drag them to a different position. It might be wanting a mouse click or something . Idk... not really a big deal either

    3) when making a custom practice schedule, if you Saulo select 4 or 5 items, put your amount of practice time in each one, then name the schedule, when you hit save. Everything will be lost and it won’t save anything. So I’ve found you have to select only one item to put into your schedule, put your time, and name the schedule. Then you can hit save and it will save it and it will show up in your schedule. From there, you have to add a lesson one at a time hitting update after each one and they will be added that way, But wait,....theirs more....I’ve found you can only add up to 6 items to practice at a time after that when you try to add a 7th one of the other previously added items will be deleted automatically keeping it at 6 items to practice. All that was kind of a headache figuring out but it’s still a great program to keep me on track and focused. Hope this helps anyone who is having the same kind of issues. Ron “the hitman” Stein