Playing Strapped

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    165 joke, I first thought that the OP was performing in a right to carry state.....:eek:

    As for guitar straps. My straps stay on the guitars hanging up. The more expensive Nitro finish ones live in their cases without straps. On the couch where I play often the strap just gets tucked in behind the guitar body. When playing in a chair in my music area or out in my garage on a stool where I work on my guitars and play at times I always use a strap because all my guitars can get away from me at times between songs when I reach for something or change positions.

    Oh ya, performing is a thing of the waaaaaay distant past, no reason to stand and play for me anymore.
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    Aug 29, 2018
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    I agree about the performing thing Rad but my body comes up with real good reasons to stand. Any one position is just too hard to maintain for very long. Putting a foot here or there is fine, so is getting up. Standing is just another natural position for us bi-peds. It is a real bear without the strap though. Besides the utility, a good strap just feels good too.
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    Ha! My first thought as well. I was thinking just use an SOB holster, but then there is the drummer behind you, so maybe an ankle holster would be better :)
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    LOL! Yesh, I've been away from the US long enough that I didn't think about the other meaning of strapped.