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    Hi Griff, I'm a newbie who is totally enjoying your courses.
    I wasn't sure where to post this so I opted for here.

    Your emphasis on counting and timing is the key to what progress I'm making.
    I thought I might mention a comparison that I made to my wife about the importance of counting, when it started to sink in just how foundational it was..... and she asked, why was I talking to myself.
    We're both artists, she a portrait painter and me, a storyboard artist and illustrator.
    At first I thought this comparison might be too extreme but realized that it makes sense.

    Playing without counting and being able to follow the timing is like painting with your eyes closed. You won't know where the canvas is, how big it is or where the brush strokes are going and how they relate to each other.

    Nothing will be able to be placed next to something else in a way that forms some sort of pattern or that fits into a framework or arrangement of some kind.
    You're just throwing things out there and if they go where you want, it will just be a happy accident.
    Just like music without timing.

    Thanks, Doug Edwards
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