Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out.


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Hello to all,

I hope everyone is enjoying the "social distancing" as much as possible. My attempt at Nobody knows you when you are down and out. I love the Clapton version of this song. I've had an awful lot of trouble with the F to F#7 change in this song, decided that two quarter notes was just as good as a quarter and two eighths.

All feedback is welcome! Stay Healthy!


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Sounds like it's coming along pretty nicely, amigo! That's one that I enjoy playing myself. I've got a version of it posted in the All Access section of the forum from a few months ago. If you don't like that F to F#7, you might try F to F#dim. Throwing that dim chord in gives a cool sound.

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If you're playing triads, only the root moves
F: F A C, root 3 5
F#dim: F# A C, new root, b3, b5 (relative to the new root)

If you add a 4th note it will be half diminished or m7b5 if you add a b7 relative to the new root, or a full diminished chord if you add a 6th relative to the new root.
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david moon

Attempting the Blues
I listened again, and I think you are playing the dim chord.

I also notice you are playing a straight 8th note feel. Most versions I know of are in a swing/shuffle feel, like this.