My Lesson 2: Example 6


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This one took me a while to get the fret slide working. I figured out that I kept moving 1 fret too far. No wonder  :eek: .

Here's where I started: You Tube Link:

Here's the Middle: You Tube:

Here's the result:

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You Tube Link:


Hey Russ that was reall great goin' there man, I noticed you just looking at the guitar on the end result ...makes a difference when you don't have to look at to many things at once huh ?
Keep  it up Russ  [smiley=thumbsup.gif]


Steve G

St. Simons Island, GA
Well done Russ. You got that little measure nine move nice & clean.  Great progress.


Student Of The Blues
Good work Russ. I notice that your counting and fretting were really together in the last video. I think you are well on your way. Here you deserve one of my special reserve.  [smiley=beer.gif]


Student Of The Blues
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Great job Russ. I enjoyed hearing the progress from one recording to the next.

Lefty Jeff

A little blues rosetta
Very nice, Russ!  That was very clean and in time the whole way through.  Bravo!  I love watching your progress videos.  I really want to get a camera for recording.


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Yep! You're definitely getting the hang of it; just needs a little polish and a lotta luv... looked at this one for the first time today too... bugger of a riff, though it sounds really cool! The V change is the really tricky bit for me though!