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    question 1: are tab of the backing tracks available?
    question 2: are these implied shuffles?  so even though for example solo 4 doesn't specify that  two 8th notes tied are actually like a triplet quater note then eight note.  So this is played with a shuffle feel in order for the phrasing to be as played on the demos.  Is that correct?  For example bar 32 two if you play it straight it just doesn't have the same feel as the demo
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    The backing track for solo 4 is from the "29 Blues Backing Tracks" set and the rhythm part is notated in the book that comes with it.  It is a funk groove, straight 8ths - because it's it uses 16h note subdivision feel (as do most funk groves).  No implied swing involved.

    The notation shows that the shuffle "feel" is actually directly notated as needed by dotted 8th & 6th note pairs.  When the 8ths are in pairs, they are played straight.

    Hope this helps!