Mean Old Woman Blues


Fareham UK
Nice playing, your light source should be in front of you rather than being backlit, and make sure where the focus is :D


Student Of The Blues
I thought that was great Robert! You have really good technique and your timing seems flawless! I think you’re going to have a great time with ABGU! I’m looking forward to hearing more from you. ...and I think the recording with video was plenty good for what we’re doing here. You nailed the important part...the playing! Thanks for sharing it!


Blues Newbie
Hey Robert that was great. Excellent technique with a steady tempo. Video was well done also...nicely done!


Blues Newbie
I thought your playing was good. I haven't been able to do this one yet. As far as recording, I think you could improve the sound quality if your camera has a jack for an external mic, and you plugged an external mic in and used it. Place it near the guitar--start with it between the 12th fret and the sound hole maybe 12"-18" away from your guitar. Just a thought.