LP's Guide to Barre Chords

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    Here are some good tips from LamePinky:

    There has been an increase of late in the number of posts regarding barre chords so I thought i might try & help.I have tried to remember as best I can what I did when learning barre chords.
    This is not intended to be a definitive guide by any means.

    note : this is for E shaped barre chords hence the pt. 1

    When i first started on barre chords I taught myself from an instructional book & the initial stages where what I would call preparation for barre chords & its a rather simple approach.
    1st of all we start by placing a barre across all strings at the 1st fret  Roll Eyes (which would be an F if we were playing a full chord) but that is it just the barre.Check the sounding of all strings , you want a clean sound on all, if any strings a muted , fuzzy , squeaky or just plai dead  Shocked adjust you barre up or down , back or forward until you get your clean sound.
    Now then playing a little riff - can make up your own or use one of the riffs in BBG - bets is about 4 strums/beats to a bar you don't want to complicate things.after 1 bar at the 1st fret then move to the 3rd fret (which would be a G if playing a full chord) for 1 bar then back to the 1st fret for 1 bar then the 3rd...you get the point. Continue this until comfortable you may even move up to the 5th fret (A if playing full chord.) for 1 bar after say 4 bars of the previous progression.When comfortable with that now you can add your middle finger on the 3rd string 2nd fret (barre at 1st) & continue with the same progression.When comfortable with that we can now add our ring finger to the 5th string 3rd fret - you now have a bona fide chord , a 7th & we continue with the progression again.
    It will not be a large jump now to add your PINKY to the 4th string 3rd fret ( you now have an F major) & continue with the progression.Usinig it as a warm up/daily exercise & it won't take too long at all.
    Hope this helps  Smiley

Thread Status:
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