Lesson 6: good natured brickbat


Blues Hound Wannabe
On the surface, learning where the notes are via this method looks to make perfect sense: okay, those are the C notes. Don't remember 'em tomorrow? Cool beans, few people do, press on.

From a reasonable, responsible adult perspective this laid-back "grunt through at this relaxed pace and you'll get there" approach is gold.

Not actually throwing a brickbat; this is wise and good. I'm just a messed-up git who, instead, hearkens back to the old Zen proverb I once learned:

A fellow, in a dream, was privileged enough actually to channel Buddha. He asked of That One, how long do I have yet before I reach Nirvana? Buddha showed him a huge, verdant tree, resplendent with leaves. As many lives as there are leaves on that tree, he responded. The fellow wept. Buddha asked, do you sorrow for the length of your journey yet to come? No, said the fellow: I rejoice because I am so close.

I'm not that guy. ;)

For me, and my labyrinthine thought processes, I'm finding Nerdvana in internalizing the bite-sized pieces of the fretboard that come with your approaches such as 4-note, and then later on, once experiencing first-hand why those notes are great and good, peeking into what went behind those notes and not others.

Rock on, sir! :Beer:


Blues Hound Wannabe
In a related vein, this mind spew underscores where I fall on theory. If you hit me with the why, but I don't yet have hands-on and have discovered through blood and sweat that the how is where I want to be? Sorry, where was that fridge, again?

I fully own the drawbacks to my head space; yet, there it is. I love theory. I love geekery. I love opening the hood and exploring what makes the engine tick.

But first I need to drive the beastie, feel the horsepower, maybe dust a wannabe or two. Then I appreciate the value that comes with the deeper dive. :Beer: