Lesson 5: Doing the Percussive Slap...without a pick

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    Sep 15, 2018
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    So I have been working on Lesson 5 of SARM for the last few weeks. I rarely play with a pick though and am having some difficulty making the percussive sound loud enough.

    When I normally strum, I have my thumb and pointer finger at a 90 degree angle from each other (basically like I am hold an invisible pick). I down-strum with the end of my pointer finger. I up-strum with the fingernail side of the thumb.

    I have tried two methods of making this sound correct:
    1) Palm muting with the meaty part of my palm in conjunction with raking the top of my pointer finger across the strings.
    2) Same palm muting style, but using all 4 of my non-thumb fingers to slap the top of the strings to get the snare drum feel.

    Option 1 allows me to stay in time better it feels like, but option 2 is louder and clearer.

    I am very much a beginner guitar player, so I appreciate any recommendations on a better way to do this (without using a pick of course)?