Lesson 30 - Counting the Beat

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    have just got my copy of BGU and though I would start with the Lesson 30

    I  can play  the notes to lick 1 but and  struggling to work out the beat from Griff video

    looking at the  lesson book it would seem beat 1 is  rest  and then the triplet is on  beat 2 with the  open  E strip for the 8th note on beat 3 and a rest for beat 4 

    can you please tell me if that is correct  as this doesn't seem to tie in  with the breats griff is counting on the video

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    It's been a while since I looked at that, but I think you need to take them as separate things. The printed examples, like 30-1 are just that examples, not necessarily exactly how the Playing On The Porch track is played.
    Throughout the course, you learn to watch the video and listen to the CD for an indication of how to play the solos and only refer to the tab as a last resort.
    I could be wrong, but that's my take.
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    Well, this could be written as 12/8 or 4/4 with triplets. If you delve further into the lesson, a chord is played on beat 1, various licks on beats 2 and 3, beat 4 is a rest to set up for the next measure.

    The basic feel is 1 and ah 2 and ah 3 and ah 4 and ah.

    When there are 2 eighth notes, the first is longer (1 and) and the second is shorter (the ah). This is the swing/shuffle feel.