Just started SWS

The Reverend

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Had gotten sws for Christmas. Started with BGU 2.0, about 3/4 down. Couldn't wait to look into SWS and man I got to tell you. Alot of stuff I've been doing is starting to come together. Haven't played with the CD yet, but I know it's going to be pretty cool. Also going to try and use my drum machine at different rhythms to see what I can come up with.


Better off with the Blues!
Oh man, you are going to love this program! I just finished solo #4 and it is such a blast. I love every solo in this set.


Student Of The Blues
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Yep, that's the same path I took BGU (I got about half way through) then SWS, then back to finish BGU.
SWS gave me the confidence to try to create my own solos.


A Blues Legend in My Own Mind
I came back to to solo 7 after a little hiatus. Now I don't like Griff talking in Blues Boxes cause I'm so used to Box 1 Box 2 stuff etc. Iam translating everything to that language so to speak.


Playin' Blues
I just started to revisit SWS about two weeks ago and very happy I did. The solos are great and it opens up a lot of possibilities for improvisation :cool: