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Please list your FIXIT request in this thread OR create a new thread in the AAP Live Session Discussion section.

If you create a new thread, make sure to put FIXIT in the thread title so it can easily be found. Thanks!
This list is for Griff's reference during the live webinar.

I got one!!
Thanks Griff for creating this "easy" version of "Across The Line"—You got me off my duff and back into daily practicing. I would like to try the SFTM version too but . . . baby steps, right?

OK, I'll let Griff fix my live performance practice. No guitar soloing here, but I'm open to suggestions for improving my songs for playing out at the wineries. I'm just learning this song and don't play much in 3/4 time. The song is Shel Silverstein's This Song Is For Sale. Thanks in advance, I'm playing an open mic tonight, so I'll have to hear your thoughts later.

@Ken Winters
Just felt like we needed at least another guitar solo one!
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