Miscellaneous I didn't know accordions came with these...


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I cannot believe that you are even asking this question, Mark. For crying out loud, what else are you supposed to use to secure your accordion strings?



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Amazon is amazing! I've had one of these for years and always thought it was for setting up a guitar as a lap steel!


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My inner nerd is probably showing (again - as if my outer nerd isn't enough), but I can see this happening when you upload a huge list of Musical Instrument Accessories to sell in your Amazon store, and you don't specify what instrument they are for, and it defaults to the first one in an alphabetical list of options.
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Yeah. When I was self employed I got a gig where this guy was trying to get over a thousand different area rugs into his client's web site shopping cart. I got paid to find a way to automate it. I can see this happening (unless you hired me. Heh). :Beer:


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Just search "Accordion Accessories" on Amazon for an educational list of all the available add-ons for your accordion.

Including Dunlop picks.
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